Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles, when statistics are adjusted for per-capita numbers, are not any more dangerous than other types of vehicles, but, because of their small size and lack of rider protection motorcycle accidents have a greater chance of more severely injuring a rider than similar car accidents.

Some of this is due to the temptation to utilize the full performance capabilities of the bikes: a modern Supersport class motorcycle is easily capable of speeds in excess of 180 miles per hour, and a top of the line Hyperbike class road bike can do over 220 miles per hour with a zero-to-sixty time in the two second range.

Unfortunately, road rage on the part of automobile drivers is also a not-uncommon cause of injuries to motorcyclists. The size and maneuverability of a motorcycle opens up a number of additional, perfectly legal, options for motorcyclists that are unavailable to drivers of four wheeled vehicles, such as lane splitting and traffic filtering, and watching motorcyclists being able to pass through traffic that they themselves will be stuck in sometimes causes frustration and hostility that the drivers in cars attempt to take out on the motorcyclists.

It should be noted that in California both intentionally blocking or impeding a motorcyclist in a way that could cause harm to the rider (CVC 22400) and opening a vehicle door to impede a motorcycle (CVC 22517) are both illegal.

Common Reasons For Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents are preventable events that are caused by the inattention of other drivers. Among the most common accidents between a car and a motorcycle are:

  • A car turning left in front of the motorcycle.
  • A car changing lanes into a motorcycle.
  • A car rear ends a motorcyclist stopping for a traffic control device like a stop sign, traffic light, or crosswalk.
  • A car driver or passenger opens their door into a motorcyclist’s path of travel. (This often turns out to be intentional.)

These types of incidents can all be avoided if the driver of the car was operating their vehicle with the amount of attention that driving requires. In fact, the majority of accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles are determined to have been caused by the other vehicle violating the motorcyclist’s right of way.

Common Injuries In A Motorcycle Accident

Because of the lack of protection afforded by a motorcycle, injuries from a motorcycle accident are almost always more extensive and involve medically complicated types of trauma. Because of this it can be extremely helpful when pursuing your personal injury claim if your attorney has medical experience. Head, neck, and spinal injuries are among some of the most complex forms of trauma from a medical standpoint, and are also commonly suffered by people who have been hurt in a motorcycle accident.

Contact A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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